Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thursday: Macaroni and Tomato Juice with Grilled Cheese

So Thursday was one of those quick and easy meal days. We made one of my husband's favorite comfort food meals, which also happens to be our kid's favorite, as evidenced by the fact that they both ate 3 bowls! All I do is cook macaroni noodles, drain the water, and then add enough tomato juice to cover the pasta. Heat until it's slightly bubbly, then add salt, pepper, butter, Worcestershire sauce to taste. We like to eat it with grilled cheese sandwiches. Sorry I didn't get a picture of this one either but trust me it's yummy!

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Sarah said...

We had this all the time growing up -- mom called it noodles and juice :) Haven't had it in forever... ahhh, the memories! Good post!