Monday, June 27, 2011


This is an old family favorite.  My mom's made it ever since I can remember.  There's not really a recipe, per se, but I'll do my best.

You'll need:
Cubed chicken
Garlic (or garlic powder, if you don't have fresh garlic)
A few bouillon cubes
1/2 pint heavy whipping cream

Sauté garlic and cubed chicken.  Cook until chicken is done (juices are clear).  Add enough water to cover the chicken and chicken bouillon for flavor (I usually use about 3).  Bring to boil.  Add whipping cream and let cook for a few minutes.  Thicken with cornstarch/water mixture (or flour/water mixture).  Serve over cooked rice.  Yum!

Makes good leftovers, too.  When Spencer's in one of those "moods" (where all he wants to eat is cheese), this is the one thing he'll eat.

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