Sunday, June 29, 2008

Refreshing alternative to ice cream

You guys who know me know that I love ice cream. Seriously, I think I have an addiction to ice cream. BUT ... Cory won't let me eat it everyday since it's supposedly fattening :) So here's a refreshing alternative to eating ice cream every day - one that is very tasty, lactose-free, and much less fattening.

You need:
Your favorite kind of sherbet (I use raspberry or pineapple)
Frozen raspberries
Bananas, cut into bite-size pieces

Let sherbet sit out long enough so that you can empty into into a big mixing bowl - but don't let it melt - just enough that you can stir in the raspberries and bananas. Put in as many as you want (I put in a lot!) When everything is mixed in, put back into the container that the sherbet came in and freeze. Very tasty and much less fat! I'm sure you could experiment and add different kinds of fruit to different kinds of sherbet ... I'm just very partial to raspberries. Enjoy a refreshing treat in the hot summer weather.

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