Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let's get things rolling!

I agree with the comments that were left on the last post. I wouldn’t remember which day to post, either. So we’re going to just make it so that everyone posts something once a month. If you want to post something more than once, that’s totally okay – but everyone needs to post one thing a month (and yes, I will check to see if everyone is posting something ;)

Rules are: you can post whatever you want! A main dish, a dessert, a side dish, a salad, something that goes well in a crock pot … whatever strikes your fancy. It does not need to be elaborate!!! If you want to post your favorite recipe for making great macaroni & cheese, go for it. Post something about how you get your kids to eat vegetables (or tricky ways of hiding them). We are looking to get new ideas for meals that can be thrown together with ingredients we already have in our kitchens. Feel free to post side dishes, too. For example, at our place, we always seem to have quesadillas with either a green salad or an ancini (frog-eyed) salad. So if I was posting my recipe for quesadillas, then I would say that we often have green or ancini salad on the side – and we have a complete meal. Also, when you are posting a recipe, make sure you post the instructions. And post the “tweaks” that you make to the recipe (less salt, using water instead of chicken bouillon, etc.)

I know it’s already almost mid-June, but I think we should get started right away. So begin the posting!! I’m really excited about this – and I’m glad to have so many of you on board!


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