Monday, February 9, 2009

Wanted: Chili Recipes

I’ve got a chili cook-off coming up and I’ve never made homemade chili before. Anyone have any good recipes? Particularly any where I can omit the tomatoes, onions and other icky stuff like that and it's still recognizable as chili? If so, would you post them for everyone to see?


Dorese said...

Hi Jade! I posted a recipe a little while ago for White Chili, which uses chicken instead of beef, and more importantly, NO TOMATOES. Anyway, I just added the labels "chicken," "beans," and "chili" to it, so you can find it on here that way. It calls for onions, but you could certainly leave those out. It's delicious!

Ben and Jade said...

Oh, I remember that now. Thanks for making it so easy to find.

Michelle said...

Jade-If you really want to WIN you chili cookoff, I would suggest going to Wendys ordering about 10 of their cups of chili, dumping it all in a crock pot and calling it yours. When they ask for the recipe, tell them it is a well kept family secret!