Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm a big fan of breakfast for dinner, we probably have it once a week. I was going to make omelets last night but the thought of making several was not appealing. Thus, the glorified omelet, or fritatta!

5 or 6 eggs
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup shredded Cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste
Whatever you'd normally put in an omelet. This is what I had on hand:
Diced ham as much as you like
1 Green onion stalk diced
1 small tomato diced and seeded
handful of spinach chopped

Whip eggs and milk in a large bowl, add half of the cheese and salt and pepper to taste. In large oven safe skillet melt butter (or just use cooking spray). Add ham and vegetables to skillet and saute until soft. Pour egg mixture over top. Let the eggs cook until mostly set, top will still be wet. Make sure to lift the edges and let the egg run under to cook. Once it's almost set sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and put under broiler in oven for about 2 minutes to finish the cooking and to melt the cheese.
Cut into wedges and serve with hashbrown potatoes and fruit! It turned out really yummy, even my 2 year old was eating spinach!

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