Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crockpot recipes

Okay, people, we're slacking a little bit. We need to have some more regular posting. If everyone does one post a month, that's one new recipe a day (on average). Doesn't need to be fancy - just something that we can all use to feed our families. Even if it's a recipe you think everyone must already have ... don't be afraid to post it. I've tried a fair amount of these posted recipes and I've been happy with the outcomes. I still could use some ideas though Ü

On that note, I need some more crockpot recipes. Anyone have any good ones? Or some soup recipes, like Jade requested. Or soup in a crockpot ... just something that I can start before I go to work and come home to. Working 2 jobs is taking so much time ... I need something that will cook itself for me Ü

Jade also had a really good idea for how to better keep things organized - by using labels (noitce them on top right hand corner). She's going to post the instructions on how to make it work. It's a good idea - then we can all search by category.

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