Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cookie dough ice cream

OK, this probably doesn't actually count as a recipe. Lately we've been addicted to cookie dough ice cream (especially the new Frosty's with cookie dough from Wendy's), but the budget doesn't allow for the frequent consumption we've been craving. The solution ... we make our own.

We tried just mixing actual cookie dough into ice cream, but the secret we've found is baking the cookies for half the time you're supposed to. This melts the chocolate chips into a deliciously gooey state and leaves you with ideal doughy cookies to break into pieces and mix into your ice cream.

We're whipping up new kinds of cookie dough every few days for this indulgence. Yummy.


Hyrum and Stacey Taft said...

This sounds really yummy! We will definately try it. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Ooooh yum! Sounds good, I'm going to try it, too.