Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tonight for dinner we made some fajitas.
Usually we just use onions, peppers and meat. However, tonight we thought we would add a few things to it and see what we thought. It was really good so, I thought that I would add it.

(Most of the recipe is on the back of the seasoning mix. It says to add 1/4 cup of water, we didn't because our veggies had a lot of water in them. It is up to you and how runny you want it to be.)
The recipe:

Sliced meat (any we have on hand)

Red, yellow and green peppers


fajitas seasoning mix

olive oil

Here are the add ins:

Chopped zucchini

Chopped yellow squash

can of diced tomatoes

Heat up 1 tbs of oil in the skillet, cook the veggies and then put off to the side. Add another tbs of oil and cook the meat (chicken, steak..) pour half of the seasoning on the meat and then add the veggies. Add the remaining seasoning and POOF! Your done. Really easy and delicious!

Put in a warm tortilla. We like to put shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa in the tortilla too.



Sarah said...

Yum, I love fajitas!

Hyrum and Stacey Taft said...

I also forgot, we chopped up some fresh cherry tomatoes and tossed them in too!